From The Desk of: Mitchel Beyer
Thermacell Team

From The Desk of: Mitchel Beyer

Oct 17, 2023

This is Mitchel Beyer, Email Administrator at Thermacell.

As the Email Administrator I am usually the "person behind the curtain" but I wanted you to know that I am genuine. Our newsletters and email connections are written by real people employed by Thermacell directly. Email is all about conversations and topics. My team has tried to find new and engaging topics you may be interested in exploring. 

When I send you an email, I'm not concerned about revenue. I'm concerned that you are not opening, reading and clicking important topics that will help protect your events, weddings, sports, hiking, fishing, astronomy, backyards & more. If you want to learn about any mosquito related topic which we have not covered, please contact us so we can start researching.

Thermacell isn't about the "hard sell". We genuinely want to protect your outside moments and memories from the harmful effects of mosquitos. Of course we would love it if you purchased a Thermacell product but in the end your safety, joy and outside moments are important to us. If we can educate and inform you of ways to be safe when you're outdoors, that is a major part of our mission statement.

I joined Thermacell in May 2022 and it has been an amazing adventure. At the time I knew very little about the organization. After growing up in New York, and now living in Arizona since 2000, I know about mosquitoes quite well. What I did not really understand are the variants of mosquitoes and how much weather really does play a part in all this. In the past it was always "well mosquitoes come out when it's humid or after rain". Working with the brilliant minds at Thermacell has enhanced my understanding of weather patterns and changing forecasts. Arizona is known as a "dry heat", a bit of a misnomer if you ask me. At 110F, hot is just hot. 

But Arizona doesn't get that much summer rain so why did we have an abundance of mosquitoes? It's amazing the kind of details Thermacell has to show about emerging weather conditions and how other states, and even countries, affect the new lifecycle of mosquitoes. If you ever asked the question "why does it seem like mosquitos are out earlier or later than before" you certainly are not alone. When we are watching a huge October moonrise or hiking in the hills, I'm quite satisfied to know that Thermacell products will protect all of us.

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