From The Desk Of: Rebecca Illsley
From The Leadership

From The Desk Of: Rebecca Illsley

Sep 29, 2023

This is Rebecca Illsley, Chief Operating Officer at Thermacell.

Delivery and Delight to Unmosquito Your Life

As I write this we are at the tail end of the mosquito season. But our Thermacell Operations and Supply Chain teams have been working year round implementing ways to improve our service and delivery, ensuring we delight our consumers every time.

Delivery: Every order on is received and processed with special care by our very own Thermacell employees. They work hard to send the orders out as quickly as possible. This season we have incorporated efficiency improvements to shave time off order processing. Our supply chain team has implemented improvements to ensure we have the right product in the right place at the right time so that when our consumers go to the store shelf Thermacell is in stock all season long.

Delight: Our Quality and Sourcing teams have been collaborating with our suppliers to ensure we are building quality into every product and component we purchase. We want our consumers delighted with the mosquito protection we are so proud of. Our Consumer Services team is on call to make sure every consumer is delighted and if not, we make it right.

My lighted EL 55 has made golden hour at the lake even more golden this summer! I hope you enjoyed a mosquito free summer; The future looks bright at Thermacell.

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