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Spring Tips

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Spring Fun

Feb 8, 2024
Springtime is a season many of us eagerly wait for, as it brings warmer weather and the opportunity to engage in various outdoor activities. However, with the arrival of spring also comes the annoying presence of mosquitoes.

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Adam Goess Senior Product Director Thermacell Repellents
From The Leadership

From The Desk of: Adam Goess

Feb 7, 2024
I love products. Thermacell strives to delight the consumer by providing products that focus on user enjoyment and experience enhancement. We innovate with intention, purpose, integrity, and excitement.

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From The Leadership

From The Desk of: Grant Mansfield

Jan 11, 2024
Thermacell is an exciting place to be right now! Thermacell is a leader in technology and innovation in the mosquito repellent industry.

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Next pandemic
Questions & Answers

Buzzing Threats: The Impending Peril of Mosquitoes in North America's 2024 Season

Jan 10, 2024
Preventing mosquito bites is the best method to avoid the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses. Mosquito-borne illnesses have been a problem in North America for decades, but recent studies suggest that the impact of these diseases will increase over the next few years.

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From The Leadership

From The Desk of: Sean Persaud

Dec 13, 2023
As the leader of the sales team, it’s a joy to sell a product that truly works and delivers on its product promise. We do everything we can to bring shoppers the best technology from Thermacell to suit their needs.

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A horde of mosquitoes in the winter with no snow upscaled
Winter Tips

The Myth of Mosquitoes in Winter: Fading Buzz or Lingering Invasion?

Dec 1, 2023
Although it may be comforting to think that mosquitoes disappear during winter, the reality is that these resilient insects utilize various survival strategies to ensure their species' persistence.

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Camping outdoors around mosquitos upscaled
Winter Tips

Camping in November: Bid Farewell to Mosquito Woes with Thermacell

Nov 1, 2023
Camping in November can be a memorable experience, with nature's beauty on display and a peaceful ambiance permeating the campgrounds. However, the presence of mosquitoes can quickly spoil the fun.

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Mitchel Beyer
From The Leadership

From The Desk of: Mitchel Beyer

Oct 17, 2023
As the Email Administrator, I've been sending you newsletters, promos and educational information to help protect your outside moments and memories from the harmful effects of mosquitos. It is time to say hello from behind the curtain.

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Rebecca Illsley2
From The Leadership

From The Desk Of: Rebecca Illsley

Sep 29, 2023
Delivery and Delight to Unmosquito Your Life

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