From The Desk of: Sasha Hartman
Thermacell Team

From The Desk of: Sasha Hartman

Jun 1, 2023

This is Sasha Hartman, Head of Marketing at Thermacell.

The team and I have been busy! You may have noticed Thermacell is starting to look a little different with our emails, website and even some instore displays. We have enhanced the look and feel of our Brand to reinforce our commitment to help protect your outside moments from mosquitoes. We know mosquitoes can get bad at dusk – but so many memories are made at sunset. We took inspiration for the light between day and night and created a new palette of colors for our brand to remind everyone that Thermacell can help prevent mosquitoes from ruining your evenings, no matter what you are doing outside.

Thermacell Branding


I need my space, 20 feet to be precise 😂 if you are struggling with the bugs right now, too!

♬ original sound - Thoren Bradley

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