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Protect Camping From Mosquitoes

Jul 8, 2022
Repellent will be a must have for your camping and hiking. Camping is supposed to be fun, and you shouldn't have to spend your whole trip hiding from bugs.

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Jun 10, 2022
There's a lot of bad information about COVID-19 on the internet, and one of the most pervasive myths is that mosquitoes can spread it. "Mosquitoes are unlikely to be able to transmit the new coronavirus," says Dr. David Pigott, read on for some expert advice.

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Things you probably didn't know attract mosquitoes

May 4, 2022
First off, let’s clarify - only females bite! Yes, this isn’t the only species in the animal kingdom giving females a ferocious rep. (spiders anyone!?!). Females suck blood to hydrate and gain energy from proteins in blood they need to produce eggs. Males on the other hand, live off flower nectar and plant sap.

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