Tick Control Tubes

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the no-spray, easy-to-apply way to kill ticks in your yard.

  • Kills deer ticks that carry Lyme disease or Powassan virus
  • Doesn’t harm people, pets, or the environment
  • Apply in minutes, only two times per year
  • Developed by Harvard University Researchers


How Many Do I Need?

Property SizeEach ApplicationFor the Year*
1/4 Acre6 tubes12 Tubes
1/2 Acre12 tubes24 tubes
1 Acre24 tubes48 tubes

*Just two applications are needed for the entire year

*Yards with above average amounts of shrubs, tall grass or woods will need up to 20% more tubes

*Tick Tubes are currently available in the eastern half of the US where there is a high incidence of Lyme disease from deer ticks

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  • Works with nature to kill young ticks before they can pass diseases on to humans or pets
  • Goes underground where sprays and granules can't reach to control ticks
  • Contains permethrin, recommended by the CDC to kill ticks
  • Each tick tube can kill hundreds of ticks in your yard each season
  • Reduces backyard tick populations carrying Lyme disease
Tested & Proven
  • Developed by Harvard University Researchers
  • Field Tested in conjunction with Harvard’s School of Public Health.  
  • Recommended by the University of Rhode Island’s Tick Encounter Resource Center, the leader in tick education and prevention. Tick Control Tubes were awarded their prestigious TickSmart Seal of Approval, given to products proven to work
  • Trusted in thousands of European households
Quick & Easy Application
  • Apply to your property in minutes, only twice a year
  • No setup or cleanup needed
  • No spray formulation
Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduces deer ticks that carry Lyme diease without spraying insecticide
  • Targets ticks, not insects that benefit your yard's ecosystem
  • Doesn’t harm kids, pets or the environment when used as directed
  • Tubes are biodegradable
How it Works
How to Use
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I have been using the tick tubes for many years in the yard and since then I have not had a single tick. And that, despite many pets in the neighborhood. A very excellent product.


Excellent, from delivery to the results. We put 12 tick tubes on our 800 sqm yard and saw a prominent tick drop after approx. 14 days. After 4 weeks we were tick free.

We’ve been absolutely thrilled and confident with the system. We will use tick tubes each season.


We are completely satisfied. Since we have been using the tick tubes in the yard, no tick has bitten us anymore. At first it was hard for me to believe it, but many years of experience speaks for itself. Not only can you protect yourself against ticks, but your children and grandchildren will also thank you.

Kill ticks that carry Lyme disease
Thermacell  works with nature to kill young ticks before they can transmit diseases to you or your family.

In a field test Thermacell reduced the presence of ticks by over 90%. 

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